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How are you deciding what order your bridesmaids and groomsmen? I hate the idea of having to "rank" my friends and sisters. Our best man and maid of honor are the tallest on each side. Does it make sense to just go by height from there?

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    Make it something arbitrary.  If the bride openly said "well, I ranked you by importance" and I was on the end, I'd be a little blue.
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    I went by height since I didn't have a MOH (4 BMs). 

    DH's side was totally random - although he did have a Best Man so naturally best man stood next to him, the other 2 guys were just random.
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    I was planning on doing height as well to avoid this.
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    height.  Or birthdays.  Or mileage from your house to theirs.  Or rolling dice.  Or choosing out of a hat.  What these all have in common is that they're random. 

    Good call on not "ranking" them.
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    My Grandparents on their wedding day.
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    Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one with that idea.
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    I'm doing height. Not that I think anyone would complain but it is a good excuse. A lot of girls come on here and complain because someone thinks the order is about who is loved the most and it causes problems. Just go simple.
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    Thanks, blackfire, now I can just C&P my response from the poll because I don't feel like typing it again...

    Attire, visual balance, and relationships.  The bridesman and groomswoman came in first and stood on the outer edges.  When it worked out that my younger sister was the only one in a floor-length dress, I told her it was fine, but not to get offended if I put her on the end for the ceremony.  So the next set were the siblings, my two sisters and his brothers.  Then came the skippers, two bridesmaids and a groomsman, followed by the MOH and best man.
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    Yeah, my poll was used!
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    We paired up our BM/GM first based on who knew eachother and who we thought would have fun.  Then we lined them up by having MOH/BM first, then he wanted his 2 brothers.  After that it was 2 friends on each side.  One of my BMs probably was going to miss the RD, so I told her I would make sure she wasn't the first to walk down the aisle.  So that decided the rest of the order.  The only one that I guess I did by rank was my closest friend that I had considered for MOH, but I chose my aunt instead who I'm closer with anymore.  So i wanted that friend to be right next to MOH, and put her with the older brother. 
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