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Ecofetti -- Linzlars

Linzlars, I got the Ecofetti! You should talk to your venue, there is no reason they shouldn't allow this stuff to be used outside! I have no idea what it's actually made of but it really does look like snow and it dissolves in seconds under water. I put some outside yesterday and it was gone just by sitting in the wet grass when I went out later. I bought mine from save on crafts .com, cheaper than the Ecofetti website and I think two bags is going to be more than enough for 150 people. That's 2 tablespoons per person and I think that any more than that and it will rain down too heavily to get good pictures. Just my little review. I'm excited..I'll get to have "snow" in Texas at my wedding!
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Re: Ecofetti -- Linzlars

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    Ooo yay! Thanks a bunch for letting me know! I'm gonna have my mom stop by and talk with the event coordinator this weekend, and hopefully we'll be able to talk her into it. I really want to just go ahead and order it, hehe. I'm right with you with the excitement of having "snow" in Texas. Yay!
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