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help! last minute (unwanted) flower girl issue.

So my wedding is in 3.5 months and we have a our bridal party members picked since last may/june. Here is the issue, my fiance was booking tickets for his half sister in germany and her daughter (they are not super close, he only knew of her existance when he was 11, and theyve seen eachother maybe 5-6 times ever). So she has a 5 year old daughter, who is pushing her to be used as our flower girl. Here is my stance, our wedding party is picked, done with....why spring it on me with 3months to go, 2nd I hate kids! I'm totally missing the maternal gene. 3rd we put "no kids under 12" (obviously in a much more polite way) so wouldnt all the parents who want to bring their kids but cant be put off by seeing a little kid walk down the aisle? Also, she speaks 0% english...not even a little and her mom speaks no english either, so how would we direct? Not to mention cost, none of us have the money to buy a flower girl dress at this point, and i really dont want the added aggrevation.

Re: help! last minute (unwanted) flower girl issue.

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    He needs to just tell her no.  Pure and simple.
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    I now have an insane desire to respond Auf Deutch.  Sadly, counting to ten wouldn't make any sense here.  
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    But, counting to ten in german is about as easy as showing a little girl how to walk down an aisle.
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    Wow!  This language excuse is a little lame!  I am a teacher.  I have 5 students who do not speak any english in my class. I'm pretty sure you can manage getting her to understand to walk down the isle and throw a few petals.  5 year olds are more than capable of sitting quietly for a few minutes as well.  You could have her walk down the isle and then sit with her mom.  As far as the dress issue, if her mother cannot afford a simple dress then she isn't in the wedding.  This shouldn't be that stressful!
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    hmm...deleting quoted posts, OP, does not make them go away. It just looks silly.
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    Sie ist ein dummkopf. Eine kleine Mädchen soll ein Gang bezwingen. Stimmt?
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    Okay, so I'm not crazy, and OP deleted all her follow-up posts.  That's really lame and childish.

    Look, clearly the only advice you were looking for was how to browbeat your FI into doing things the way you want, and you're completely uninterested in any sort of compromise, even when it requires literally no work on your part.

    Yeah, marriage is going to be great for you.  The whole needing to compromise and facing differences of opinion goes right away, I promise.
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    Your FI needs to handle this. If it is important to him to have this little girl in the wedding than let her walk, but if you are agreed he needs to tell the mom NO. I don't like kids either and I also put an "Adult reception only" line on my rsvps. I think it is great that you have arranged a sitter.
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