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I checked out Erin's blog and you looked GORGEOUS!  The dress, the hair, the makeup, everything!  :)

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    Awww...thanks!!!  I was worried about how everything was going to turn out since I didn't get to look in a mirror after changing in the parking lot!
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    Oo I didn't realize she had put some up! You seriously do look amazing. I can't wait to see the pictures from your photographer. I can't believe what happened to you, but I'm glad you kept a smile on your face and had a great time. :o)
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    I just checked them out too, I didn't realize they were posted on her blog. You look sooo beautiful!! I like the one with the balloons...totally adorable. Congrats! BTW, I am super jealous of your gorgeous hair, it's so long and curly and romantic!
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    mrs.huff - my photographer thought it would be cute to have some more informal pics with hot pink balloons but 2 of them popped so I only had 3.  You just never know what's gonna happen!  Hope it won't look too sparse!  :)
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