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E-pics - Location/Attire Suggestions

We are planning to take our e-pics outside. Besides the McNay and Riverwalk, where are some good places in the area?Also, I was thinking of having FI wear a black shirt (that I love him in) and medium-wash jeans with me in a white shirt and dark jeans with fun flats. Does that sound like a good idea? TIA!

Re: E-pics - Location/Attire Suggestions

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    I recommend the San Antonio Botanical Gardens for e-pics! That's where we did ours and it was gorgeous. I can email you some pics if you're interested.   Also, I think your outfits sound great! HTH!
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    Thanks, fmh! I'd thought about the Botanical Gardens, but I wasn't sure if they'd be in good shape after the lack of rain. I think we'll either go there or Brackenridge Park (and they're both close to each other, so if one doesn't work, I guess we could switch).
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    we did ours in south town. got some "urban" photos (think blue star) as well as some more subdued, quiet, riverwalk photos.  we also did some in the neighborhood - the king william district.your outfit ideas sound great!
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