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Thank you so much for recommending Mary, she seems so nice so far and she has a son the same age as my daughter! We were kind of excited about that! I will do my trial run with her this saturday! You and I are both going for the same idea...for our hair! I hope it goes well! Thanks! Oh, one more thing...I am not getting married until April, do you think that i am doing the trial to soon?

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    No problem! :o) I'm glad you've enjoyed working with her so far. She brought her son to my hair trial. He is so adorable. Very good little boy too. Let me know how the trial goes! I think you're definitely on the early side, but I don't think that's a bad thing. With my wedding only about 2.5 months away, it's really crunch time and I'm realizing how nice it would have been to really get things done like 2 months ago, hehe. I think anything you can get done ahead of time will help keep your stress levels down as you get nearer to the wedding. I guess the only reason I could see this particular check as being better if saved closer to the wedding is if you completely change your mind about how you want your hair and make-up. But then again, I did my trial at about 3 months out, thought I was set on the half-up/half-down, and then as soon as she did it I changed my mind. So maybe having even more time for you to make sure it's what you want will be better anyway. :o) I hope you have a good time with her this Sat and I'd love to see pics if you get any!
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    Ok, so this saturday we were supposed to meet and do a trial but Friday night until about 6 am my daughter had us up(she is teething). So, I was too tired to make my 9:30 appointment and not to mention,I didn't want to have to leave her with a sitter while she was in pain! So, she was understanding(her son is also teething) and we are going to reschedule! So, when we finally meet I will post pics for you to see!
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