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wierd wedding party

Originally our wedding party consisted of 4 GM, 3BM and 3 junior BMs.  Were were gonna pair 3GMS with 3Bms and have the last one walk with the oldest junior BM, and the other 2 juniors walk together.  The reason we have 3 juniors is because we wanted to include all of our sisters, but the youngest 3 are the in-between age where there too old to be FGs.

My fiance decided to ask another friend to be a GM, bringing it up to 5.  I don't want him to 'un-ask' anyone, cuz that's rude.  I have decided I need to either figure out how to arrange how people walk together, or ask another friend.  The thing with that is, the other friend I am not super close with (we mostly hang out on double dates, not so much on our own). 

Do I ask the other friend to be a BM?  Or are the any ways to have people walk that won't look wierd?

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