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Help with BM dresses! (style question)

I need some advice! I have four bridesmaids and we're going dress shopping soon, but I want to be armed with some information before I go. I have two "plus-size" girls and two girls that look like stick figures... is there a certain dress type that might work well with both groups? I want them all to feel comfortable in their dresses.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Help with BM dresses! (style question)

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    Not that I've seen. If you pick a color, fabric, length, and maybe designer, then they could find the style that flatters them the best. Check out Stina's siggy pic, her BMs have different styles but still look very coordinated.
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    That depends on their body types and not just size.  If you want to get a better idea, try looking at dresses at David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo.  Both carry a variety of sizes so that everyone can try on a dress that is close to their size.  It can be hard to tell what a dress will look like based on a sample size if it is several sizes off.
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    For the most part, there is not magical dress that looks good on everyone. Not only do you have body types, you also have skin tones. The best advice I can give is to let them pick out their dresses. If you pick out a color and a designer, they will be happier and more comfortable.
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    Thanks girls! Your advice has been great. I checked with my girls and have made an appt at David's Bridal to look at dresses. That way, they can see what looks best on them, makes them more comfortable.
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    Go shopping and get some general ideas from the girls, but your best bet may be to pick a specific DB color, fabric and length and let the girls pick their own style. That way they will look coordinated, but they can decide on the dress particulars themselves.

    That's what I will probably do and not just because of my girls - I think it looks better when the dresses vary like this. I'm not a fan of everyone wearing the exact same dress. I like the coordinated look, but prefer it less matchy-match.
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    I agree with picking a designer. color and fabric and maybe letting them get their own style dresses. We're doing that to give the girls who are much different sizes and heights a bit more leeway with being in dresses they're comfortable with :-)

    However my sister's wedding we all wore the same dress, and we had a plus size girl, 2 pear shaped girls(one with larger breasts and one without) and 2 girls that were more hour-glass shaped.

    This is the dress we had <-- hyperlinked and opens in new window

    It worked great for all our different body types, so it's a stye you may want to check out.
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