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Exhausted ]:

So I realized last night that I never asked my BM's what their budgets were. 2 are my sisters and my parents are paying for their dresses, and $150 really isn't too much for them. However, I have 2 other BM's that aren't sisters, and having never been in a wedding myself, that just kinda slipped my mind. Till the dress cost poll. I ended up spending all night scouring the interwebs for less expensive dresses, as I know that both of my other BMs are on a tighter budget (though I don't have an idea of what exactly) and they probably won't wear the dress again (from what I hear/see). I feel so rude and inconsiderate and now exhausted cause I didn't sleep at all...

I like House of Brides, but does anyone else have an idea of where to find less expensive BM's dresses? I have looked at all the department stores and can't find anything in the color/style that I like.Thanks!
*marc & catrina*

Re: Exhausted ]:

  • I'd relax a minute and ask your bridesmaids what they are comfortable spending.  $150 may be okay.  If it's not, then go ahead and go crazy looking for something cheaper.

    I'm sorry you got so stressed out by that poll :-(
  • If you haven't ordered dresses yet, it's definitely not too late to ask them!  They may say $150 is fine. You never know until you ask.  The point of asking people is to not make assumptions about what they can or can't afford.  So before you stress yourself out any more, just say "Hey, I'm starting to look at dresses but I wanted to see what your budget was so that we can find something that works for everyone."  My BMs gave me a higher threshold than I would have expected (I asked them individually and they all said around $200) and we were able to find something we loved for $140.
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  • If you find one you like, you can always call Pearls Place or RK Bridal and see what their price its. They can't give quotes over the internet because of some weird regulation from a lot of the designers, but they can help you if you call.

    Don't stress too much over it until you ask the other 2 their budgets.
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  • Joy - no worries, I often have sleepless nights for no reason at all, at least this time I had a reason [: And it brought up something very important, and I tend to over-stress things.

    Thanks for the advice, ladies! I asked one this morning and am waiting on her response and am about to go ask my roommate/other bm [:

    and then I'll probably take a nap... haha!
    *marc & catrina*
  • Just ask them, $150 could be in their budget. 

    Call Pearl's Place, RK Bridal and Netbride if it's not.  They usually have the same dresses for less.  My BM dresses were $150 in bridal shops, $135 at Alfred Angelo and only $97 with shipping from Pearl's Place.

    And I just saw in the other thread that you were looking at DB.  Unless it's a new or uncommon color, DB dresses are pretty easy to find on ebay, craigslist and other sites.
  • It sounds to me like you still haven't asked them what their budgets are. Please ask them....your search on the web may not be neccessary if you find out what their real budgets are.

    If you like a dress that is over their budget, offer to pay the difference.
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  • I didn't ask our groomswoman what her budget was until after we started looking at dresses.  She got to choose her own, but since I was helping her look, I didn't want to suggest things she couldn't afford.  Better late than never, glad you went ahead and asked.
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  • Just ask them what their budgets are, and then decide from there what action to take. Don't panic until you know there's an actual reason to panic (which there may not be).

    And for what it's worth, my local board was having a discussion on ideal dress prices if we were BMs, and a lot of girls said, "I don't mind paying a bit extra if I really like the dress." Of course, not every girl can afford to do that (or might feel the same way), but that's just pointing out that sometimes a given budget can be a little flexible. Or you can always chip in some cash yourself to help out.

    So just talk to them and encourage them to be honest with you about what they want to spend.
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