Wedding Party

Wedding Party Order

How did you decide what order your WP walked down the aisle?
Did you just say, this is what it is at the rehearsal?  Or did you talk about it sooner?

I have an idea of how I want ours to walk but feel iffy about my reasoning behind any of it. 
FI and I each have 3 attendants.  His BM is his best friend from childhood, next in line will be his BIL who was like an older brother to him growing up, and finally one of my brothers will be up there as well. 
I have my sister as my MOH and she will obviously be right next to me.  I also have his sister and my best friend from college standing next to me.  I would rather his sister be in the middle with my friend on the end.  I'm not sure what originally made me think it, but currently the reasoning in no particular order is she's family, height (my sister, fsil and I are all around 5'0", bff is around 5'9"), and she would get to walk down the aisle with her husband (wouldn't care if she didn't get to, but kind of  cute because it's an option).  I feel like those are all very superficial reasons to decide the order, so I'm curious to see how everyone else decided that.
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