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How many in a bridal party is too many?

Hi Ladies, I need some advice on our wedding party. Originally we decided to have the maid of honor, the best man, a brides maid, groomsman, and a junior bm & gm. So a total of 6 standing up. We are having about 100-120 guest at our wedding. But now my fiance asked if we could do 5 attendants each totaling 10. I dont think it would be too many, but we have people saying otherwise. They say that since we are having a small wedding we should have a small wedding party. We thought we have an average size guest list.
Any thoughts or advice?
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Re: How many in a bridal party is too many?

  • Ditto PP.

    - Sides don't have to be even (I had 6bm, Dh had 4 gm, see bio for photos)
    - Only ask those that you can't imagine not having there
    - Wedding Party size does not need to reflect guest list size (We also had 110 guests)
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    Repeat this to your self: My Wedding Party is made of my family and friends and I should treat them as such.
  • WP doesn't need to reflect guest size but keep in mind:
    -You buy everyone gifts
    -You buy everyone flowers (bouquets for the women and bouts for the men)
    -You need to invite them with their SO's to the RD if you're having one
    -If you have a limo, you need one giant one.

  • Agree with PPs that the size of your guest list does not dictate how many people should be in your bridal party and that you don't need even sides.  Ask who is most important to you and who you are confident will be in your lives forever.  If you want to have 3 on your side and he wants 5 on his side, that's fine!!!!  Don't fill in the gaps with people who you aren't that close to, just for the sake of symmetry.

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  • Thanks everyone for your input. I didnt even think to have uneven sides. But that is what we will end up doing:) My FMIL was the one who said that is too many for a bridal party with us having a small wedding. We said it shouldnt matter what size wedding, but she is saying it will look silly. I guess we need to just do what will make us happy! I mean, it is our day:)
    thanks again
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