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Paying for your wedding party's attire?

My sister told me that paying for the flower girl's dress, shoes, and accessories is the bride's responsibility. As well as contributing to/buying the bridesmaids' dresses. She also mentioned that she paid for her bridesmaids' dresses. (Not really. She forgot that my mom paid for them! lol)

I don't plan to pay for these items but I am trying not to be obnoxious either. I'll give them options to choose from (DB separates... about $145) and whatever shoes/accessories they already own. The FG dress I have in mind is about $40. I don't "require" special shoes or accessories. Easter shoes are fine with me.

What is proper etiquette? (I'm pretty sure I'm right.) What did you pay for? If you paid/assisted, was it because it was in your budget? Because what you were asking for was very specific or very expensive? You felt obligated? As a gift?

Re: Paying for your wedding party's attire?

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    I bought dresses for my MOH, a BM and the FG.  We are paying for the best man's tux.  He's married to the other BM, and his tux is more expensive than her dress.  We bought pearl necklaces and earrings for the MOH and two BMs, and I plan on getting them all something small, too.
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    typically, the bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party (parents of kids in party) pay for their own attire.  However, it is the bride's responsibility to discuss budget first and not ask for anything crazy.  And if you want them to all wear the same necklace, get their hair done, etc. then the bride pays for that stuff.  What you've suggested sounds fine!
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    Make you you ask them individually what their budget is before you get your heart set on anything. $145 might be a little much for some people if they are still students. Don't force them to get the separates, let them look at all of the dresses. (as many of DB's dresses are cheaper than the separates.) 
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    I have always paid for my BM dresses. The brides usually gave us jewelry to wear. I am not paying for my girls' dresses, and I will be paying for hair (that is the plan) and will also find jewelry to get them, as their gift.

    I think paying for their dresses is a nice gesture, but not required.
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