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We have the same wedding ring :)

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    Yes we do!  We haven't bought our rings yet (we're waiting a couple of months), but that's the one I've picked out. 

    Wow, I just realized how close your wedding is!  You must be so excited!

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    I think you'll like it! I have the e-ring from that set and I adore it, and I was also very pleased when the wedding ring came in. I can't wait to wear them together. I was very excited to see someone else on these boards with the same thing.

    The band is a little thinner than I thought it'd be, but that's not a problem at all. The detailing is great and a lot of people have told me that the pattern is a nice vintage look. I like having the classic solitaire e-ring, but then having something a bit more unique upon closer look. The e-ring pattern has held up well for the past year, so I imagine that the wedding band will, too.

    I know, our date is SO close! The past year just flew by for me and FI. We ARE very excited! And hopefully I will have some nice pro shots of that ring to share with you in a few weeks so you can see it in action ;)
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