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Bridesmaid vs. Jr. Bridesmaid Dress Length

I have everyone in floor length gowns except for my 2 junior bridesmaids. The flower girls are in big poofy princess dresses, and the BMs are in prom gowns. The dresses I picked out for the Jr.BMs are tea length (below the knee a little higher than mid calf). Is this ok, or will it look wierd having everyone except the 2 in long dresses. I always grew up not being allowed to wear a long dress at that age because it wasn't appropriate.

Re: Bridesmaid vs. Jr. Bridesmaid Dress Length

  • How old are your Junior BMs? The last wedding I was a bridesmaid in, we wore long gowns. The one Junior BM was the bride's 15-year-old cousin and she wore the same dress we did but with straps as ours were strapless. I think you're fine either way though, I've seen it done both ways.


  • Yes, it will look a little weird. Plus, a  "junior" bridesmaid is the same as a bridesmaid. They all do the same thing.
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  • I think tea-length is fairly unflattering on everyone who doesn't have the height of a runway model, but that's just my opinion.

    How old are these girls, exactly? (Why can't you just call them bridesmaids? No one wants to be 'junior' anything) If they're teenagers, I don't think there's anything inappropriate about a floor-length dress. Frankly, I don't know what would ever be inappropriate about a long dress on any girl whatever the age, except I guess a toddler or young child might trip on it. Then again, I wore a floor-length dress when I was a miniature bride at age 5.
  • Im sorry, but how is preferring to show more flesh on an underaged girl 'more appropriate' than less? That is so confusing. They don't have cute chubby doll knees at that age, but rather women's legs. Insisting that they show said legs while everyone else is covered crosses over into some weird territory. Let them wear gowns. They don't deserve to be singled out so obviously. It's such an awkward age anyway, they don't need to wear neon signs proclaiming they aren't adults, making them feel more awkward.
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  • I'd get the same length dresses for all the bridesmaids.
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    If you're concerned about whether or not the length is appropriate, I'd ask them and their moms or who ever is in charge of them. I didn't wear a floor length dress until I was a bit older. The first long dress I bought I was 17, but my mom wasn't there to approve or disapprove lol. Oh, when I was 16 my mom bought me my first long skirt to wear to a party. A lot had to do with what was in style, too. The different lengths will be fine, as long as there is something they all have in common like the same color. Totally just my opinion, of course.
  • You could go online and customize the sizes for your girls. I know one good site: JenJenHouse. The price is really competitive and they can make sure that all of your dresses are made with the same color.

    Their FB is holding an activity recently. You could go and have a look.
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