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Hey y'all--groom-to-be here.  I'm having a tough time figuring out how best to honor my brother, with whom I'm really close.  The problem is, I also have a best friend who is a natural choice for the role of "Best Man," and has been forever (and I was his BM at his wedding).  I have no doubt that this friend should be my BM, but I am really torn about how to honor my brother, who is more than just a "Brother of the Groom."  Even making him a groomsman doesn't seem to do our relationship justice.  Any ideas?  Is there another "honored attendant" distinction I'm overlooking?  Thanks for helping!

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    That's pretty much it for male attendants.  The only other ones are things like Bridesman when the guy is on the bride's side, which obviously doesn't apply here.  

    Groomsman is an honor, and I think your brother will be honored to be one.  You could also ask him to do a reading or escort your mother to her seat or something else during the ceremony.  
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    I think it's fine to have two best men.  DH was co-best man for his brother's wedding.  There were four other GM but he and the other BM were at the altar with BIL.  I thought it was a really great honor for the two men.
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    By looking for another title, I think you're really over-complicating this.  Have them both as your best men - that's the honour attendant distinction.  It will show that he's more than "just" your brother and will honour the two people who are clearly closest to you.
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    You could give him more honors to give him more distinction, like letting him sign the marriage license and giving a toast if he wants. I was one of 2 MOHs at my friend's wedding and she had me sign the license and give them toast while the other girl just got the title of matron of honor. 
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    I would have them both be bestman but have your brother stand next to you, hold the ring and sign the marriage license. 
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