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Self imposed Jr BM...

FI has an 8 year old cousin (we'll call her Susie) who we see about 4 times a year (family lives out of state).  She's super excited for the wedding which is fun but she straight asked, in front of her grandparents, parents, my FILs, my FI, and her brother if she could be in the wedding.  Talk about on the spot!  Her mom was mortified but despite her explaining that was extremely rude, etc, Susie keeps bringing it up.  Every time I see  her, she tells me about the dresses she's found online, what she wants to do for the ceremony like carrying my dress down the aisle (whaaaa?), and what flower she wants to carry.

I'm struggling to find a way to nicely have her as a guestbook attendant & passing out the tubes of bubbles or something like that without making it seem like "only" a guestbook attendant/bubble girl.  I never planned on having a jr. BM, she's too old for a FG IMO, and I already have a FG (my BFF's daughter).  Plus, I want my nearest & dearest by my side.  Yeah, she's going to be family but aside from my college roommate, I've known all my BMs for 10+ years.

Any advice?  I know her mom will understand, but it's more making Susie understand since she's sort of catapulted herself into this role without being asked.
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