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First off, I apologize if this has been asked before, I'm on my laptop which doesn't search real well.

What I'm wondering is: How soon before my wedding should I take my bridesmaids dress shopping?

My wedding is in 11 months, and I know I have time. I just happen to have a good deal of stuff done or at least started and I don't want to miss anything. I don't wish to start shopping too soon, but don't want to start too late, if that makes any sense.
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Re: Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

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    6  months or so would be good.  Mine started about a year out but that was at their request because two were going to be away at school without convenient dress shops.  They waited until 5 months before the wedding to order since the dresses were supposed to take 3-4 months to arrive and they'd only be home from school 1-2 weeks before the wedding.
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    Ok, thank you. That gives me a few months. A few months before everything gets super busy...
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    Just for the record, you don't have to take all of them shopping. If someone lives OOT or has a busier schedule, people can go at different times - the important thing is that they all have the chance to try potential dresses on so that they all end up with a choice they feel comfortable wearing.

    You may have already known that, but plenty of people come on here stressing because "omg, my BM can't make our official BM dress shopping trip, CRISIS" when it's really not a problem.
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