Wedding Party

GM Attire (Vent/Rant)

My husband is a Marine and we're having a formal vow renewal because we were married by a JOP. His two GM are also military, so they were all going to wear their dress uniforms. DH and I are even paying to get them cleaned before the VR so there is no stress about it. Now one of his GM decided since he's getting out earlier than originally planned (two weeks before the date) he doesn't want to wear his uniform anymore, but he also can't afford the tux rental. This is exactly why they were wearing them... because they all already had them and no extra money would be needed. Now I'm going to have two in uniform and one in a tux that we'll end up paying for and in my head that just looks wrong.

I know I shouldn't care about the look... Mostly I'm just mad at the "oh I don't want to wear the uniform now but I can't afford the alternative." Jerk.

Needed to get that out.
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