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Thank you Knotties!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you knotties who have replied to my posts.

I joined not long ago...ive had ups and downs of im sure everyone has.

But no matter what the issue....good or bad....advice....questions....concerns....vent....seems like all of you really have helped me out.

In fact, there was one point where i was ready to "kick" one of my BMs out becuase of the stress that she was causing me....i i read the posts...i was SOOOO mad that everyone was posting not to kick her out. (I kind of just wanted one person to it) But i never got that one person...and it turns out that after i became so incredibly mad at the responses...i knotties are right. Im thinking like a crazy person. lol

So thank you knotties for keeping me sane when im not, keeping me in my place, answering my questions, talking me through things, and for your support when you dont even know me personally! You are the best!  
More than words.....
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