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uneven wedding party

Hi, my name is Shirley and I am originally from Argentina, where weddings are very, very simple... so i am not familiar with all the wedding traditions here... but I do have more best friends than my FI does and so i have six girls while he has four groomsmen.... how do I make this work?? do two of the girls walk by themselves or what? i know this is pathetic but i really need help lol... thanks!

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    Uneven wedding parties are not a big deal at all.  PPs made good suggestions on how to deal with it.

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    Definitely nothing wrong with an uneven wedding party.  I actually prefer the look of the girls slightly outnumbering the guys. ;)
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    It will be fine, ours almost ended up being that way. You can find creative ways for it to work.
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    Thanks you guys!!! i'm very excited about the whole thing and all the advice helped so much. I know its not a big deal, I would never let the fact that it was uneven keep me from having my best friends there with me.. its just now what? lol. but the advice was great and I appreciate all your input!!
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    We had the same numbers, 6 and 4.  The processional looked like this:

    Bridesman and groomswoman
    Bridesmaid, groomsman, bridesmaid
    Bridesmaid, groomsman, bridesmaid
    MOH, best man

    We sorted all of that out roughly two hours before we walked down the aisle.
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    Thanks! that sounds good!!
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    We had 4 female and 2 males.  There were two pairs of guy/girl and the last 2 girls walked out together.
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