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Help!  Need to know where is the best place in the Cape to host a bachelorette party.  Was thinking Truro/Welfeet so can do daytime beach/party at the Beachcomber...but not sure what the evening there would be like.  Also heard Hynnis could be good.  Please help.

Re: Cape Cod Bachelorette Party

  • A) I would also post this on the Cape Cod board
    B) What time of year are you going to be going? Particualr day? That could determine some of this.

    I have been part of 2 bachelorette parties on the Cape and have spent many years going out up there, happy to give some direction if you need it
  • Have you considered Block Island?  Tons of party spots there.
  • Have you considered Ptown? I think it would be fun to go to a drag show
  • If you do decide to pursue the Truro/ wellfleet area, there is a great vineyard that does generous tastings in truro, off of 6A, wellfleet has great flea market at the drive in theatre on the weekend (if your group likes that sort of thing), and the beachcomber is a GREAT spot for both day and evening fun, and often has live bands at night.

    main street in chatham has a great shopping area, and commerical street in Ptown is also a fun spot to shop/ enjoy the drag show. There is a bus service that travels throughout the cape and is VERY reasonably priced (

    Have fun planning!
  • Hi, I own a pole fitness company on Cape Cod in Falmouth and specialize in bachelorette parties. Most of my bachelorettes "swing" through the studio around 4 or 5 pm then head off to Hyannis where they have dinner then bar hop.

    Here are my two websites for you to check out. Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Good luck!  :0)

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