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Need BM gift ideas

I don't spend as much time with two of my BMs as I used to, so I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get them. They are also both traveling across the country for the wedding so it has to be something portable. So, BM one likes/plays rugby and soccer, grew up in England, loves her family and her dog, likes working out, and I consider her to be pretty stylish and kind of a party girl. BM two is actually FI's good friend but when I asked him what she likes he just said "Beer. And Benjamin Franklin." The only other things I really know about her is that she is a vegan for health reasons, not ethical ones and she is obsessed with her dog. Maybe she is sort of artsy too, and likes photography? So, anyone have any good ideas? I'm at a loss. I am also open to making something if anyone has seen anything cool on pinterest lately :
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