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Never been to a wedding before....BM dress colors and wedding colors?

As I said I've never been to a wedding before so I don't know if this will look weird to people or not. Anyways my BM dresses are purple but nothing else in my wedding is purple. My reception is going to have a shabby chic style, so there will be a few different colors like pink, peachy orange, and aqua. Will this be strange that the dresses will not tie in with anything? I have a couple pics to show you one of the BM color and the other of my reception.

Re: Never been to a wedding before....BM dress colors and wedding colors?

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    I don't think it will look bad, they are all the same tones, almost pastel, so your color palette will flow together.

    What about throwing some purple in there to tie it all together? It can be somethng simple lke ribbons or something, just a hint, don't make purple overtake the color scheme.

    But, I think it would be fine.
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    I think it will be fine.  Purple sort of flows with the rest of the colors, and with the shabby chic theme.  I mean, if you said shabby chic and wanted them to wear neon orange dresses, it would look weird, but purple will just flow. 

    Remember, there are no rules about things like color.  As long as you are happy with it, it will be fine.  
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    My BMs wore coral.  With the exception of their dresses, there was no other coral in the wedding.  
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    As mags said, if you wanted everything to tie together you could do a little bit of purple accent in the tables (maybe purple ribbons around the vases, or purple napkins or something), and your girls could carry pink and peach flowers.  But that's not necessary if you don't want to go that route, if the dresses are the only purple it will look fine.
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    My BM dresses are copper. Originally I was going to have them be chocolate brown, but the dress everyone liked only comes in copper. So I'm going with a few metallics - bronze, copper, gold, and hints of orange and red. I'm just winging it and hoping it all falls together!
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