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I got married on March 20 at the Marquardt Ranch. Everything was beautiful EXCEPT for the food. I just want to warn everyone about this company, and how disappointed we were with their services.

 The portions they served were so small that everyone got up for seconds AND thirds.. We served chicken fettucini and we barely got any chicken and it was cold!!! The caesar salad consisted of just plain lettuce and croutons- no dressing, no cheese. We had special meals for the kids and they were not served!! 

When we had our tasting, the food they gave us was completely different. 
We purchased an open bar service and they ran out of cups and sodas, and they were asking guests to bring their used cups (which was very tacky), Since they were running our of sodas, they started filling half of the cups with alcohol!
Then,  some of our guests saw the employees serving themselves HUGE mountains of food and ate it outside . To make matters worst, they lost all my table card holders (which were very expensive!!.

Just wanted to warn everyone NOT to go through An Event to Remember- you will definitely remember them, but not for good reasons!!


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    That is unfortunate. We had a tasting with them last year for my daughter's wedding, and were not impressed then. You definitely should try to get some of your money back!
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    We tried and all we got was a threat- Valerie Gaytan said if I posted another comment she would take me to court- LOL.... 
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    Sorry to hear about the bad catering, I think this forum is important for brides to share their experiences whether they are good or bad. I'm glad to hear your wedding was beautiful at Marquadt Ranch. I was thinking about having them as my venue.

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    Who were you working at An Event to Remember?  Our wedding is at the end of September and I just signed a contract with them and now I am worried! 
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    Yikes!  I got married the same day and had issues with my event coordinator.  I'm sorry you had a bad experience too!  I hope overall, your wedding day was mostly great and that you had fun.

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    I just attended a wedding and they used An Event to Remember.   It was absolutely horrible.  Everything was dry and cold!!!  I will never recommend them to anyone.
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    I was originally working with Adrienne Gambee- who was always very nice and helpful but she went on maternity leave a few weeks before my wedding so I ended up working with Valerie Gaytan- she was the one who threatened to take me to court if I made any posts on this website. My mom tried to speak with Kendra or Ruben Rodriguez- the owners- and Valerie did not allow that. If you have the chance to break the contract, I would. Trust me, I would have rather lost my deposit than have the experience I had. 

    Even my other vendors came up to me during the wedding to let me know they had ran out of sodas and cups. One of our guests offered to run to a store and get more!! It was embarrasing. 

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    That's really unfortunate...and surprising. I've been to a few events (both weddings and private parties) where An Event to Remember has catered. The food was always great. My husband used to work at an event venue in town and dealt with An Event to Remember all the time - he always had raving reviews. Like I said, that's surprising, but I'm really sorry your experience was so bad.

    Feedback is always good - but it's tough because one person can have a phenomenal experience while another person has a terrible experience with that same vendor the next day. I'm hopeful your wedding was beautiful none the less! Congrats to you and your husband!!

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    Wow, now I'm nervous. They're catering my wedding in October and Adrienne Gambee is my coordinator. She's really nice. I hope she helps make it a success.
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