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How do i make my mom apart of the wedding.

I'm very close to my mother and would love to have her be apart of the wedding. I was going to have her and my father walk me down the aisle but he'd like that to be just us. does anyone have any idea how i can make her apart of my wedding???

Re: How do i make my mom apart of the wedding.

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    a part-the phrase you're looking for

    MOB is part of the wedding.  If you are doing a unity candle, moms typically light them.  If she doesn't want to walk you down the aisle, she can be escorted in by an usher or GM at the beginning of the processional.  Then she sits in the front row during the ceremony.  At the reception, she may choose to give a toast or a blessing over the meal.  If you want her to do something else during the ceremony, you could ask her to do a reading or participate in some religous aspect. 

    If the two of you are particularly close, you could ask her to be your MOH. 
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    I am dedicating a song (Ain't No Mountain High Enough) to my mom during the reception. It is one of 'our' songs so I am honoring her that way.

    I have heard of some girls having their mom as MOH, so that is also an option.

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    I thought this was going to be about keeping her mother out of the wedding.
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    I'm not trying to be a jerk but isn't she "a part" of it just by being the MOB?  Why not ask her what she wants to do if she feels she isn't involved enough.

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    BTW, I only said something about the spelling b/c it was ironic. 
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    What about having her as your Matron of Honor?  A lot of grooms have their fathers as their Best man so why not your mother?
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    MOB is a great role in itself.  Just keep that in mind.

    You can always ask her if she'd want to do something else.  I've seen the FOG be a GM so why MOB can't be a BM is beyond me. 
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    Are you parents divorced?  Either way, if you want to be walked down the isle by both your dad and mom, then work it out w/your dad.  My parents are divorced, but both my Mom and Dad are going to walk me down the isle.  Good Luck.
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