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Hello all,

I need some financial advice. I took the advice of several of you and talked to a local florist about my flowers. She was really nice and had some great ideas. I think her price is good, and I wanted to do some comparison shopping anyway to get an idea of prices, but I can't get anyone else to respond to me! I've contacted 5 other florists, and none has bothered to set up a meeting or call/write me back. So, that said, I'd like to know if the price I got for my flowers is "good" or not.
I have:
bridal bouquet
3 bridesmaids bouquets
7 boutonnieres
4 pin-on corsages
one church arrangement
Delivery fee

Flowers include lisianthus, hydrangea, vendella roses, spray roses, and hypericum berries for all the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. The church arrangement has gladiolus, delphinium, cushion poms and greenery/filler. I'm getting all this for a less than $700 dollars. I hate to talk so plainly about prices, but I really have no clue how much things cost, and I want to see if I'm crazy for going with the only florist to actually talk to me. Opinions? Comments? Is this a decent price?

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    This sounds right in the price range of my florist (Eden's Echo)...I took the prices she quoted me for all these things..and it adds up to a little over $600.  And you have mid-range priced flowers, so I think this is a reasonable price...and she definitely is cheaper than any other florists I talked to last fall when searching for my florist.  It seems like a lot..but there are places that charge $300-$400 or more just for the bridal bouquet. So I think these are really good prices.  I am going to make the boutonnieres, corsages, and ceremony arrangements myself...that helped ease my flower expenses..though I'm taking the risk of it not looking quite as good...but I think it will!
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    That sounds pretty reasonable to me too. I had the bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, 8 bouts, and 5 corsages for $600 from Eden's Echo. We also opted to pick up the flowers ourselves, which knocked off $50, so you might consider doing that if possible just to save a little more. My flowers were roses, hydrangea, delphinium, and something else I can't remember (lisianthus maybe?), but I think they're probably similarly priced flowers.  I think if this is a florist that you feel comfortable with in terms of previous work and other people's recommendations, then you should stick with them.
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    We are using Eden's Echo as well, but our flowers were 1800 all together, so I am not a good person to advise about a smaller price range. 600 sounds great to me!
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    we are using eden's echo as well and her prices are the best.  I did meet with Botanika and they never sent me a quote like they promised to (twice). We also tried HEB Blooms, they were a less expensive than Eden's, but the creativity was not what I was expecting-there was one lady in Houston we met with and she was fabulous, but HEB San Antonio would not let her work with their team-which could have used the more creative person.
    Your package sounds reasonable.  Good Luck!
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