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Henna problem

So I'm in my male best friends Indian wedding as a bridesmaid. If I understand correctly, usually the girls in the WP get gorgeous henna tattoos all over their hands and feet right before the wedding. The problem is that their wedding is only one week from mine and I'm afraid it won't come out. Can I politely decline and explain why? Or should I try to find a compromise, like a small design somewhere not so visible? Indian brides please help :-)

Re: Henna problem

  • Although I don't know the right answer I would just talk to the bride and groom and explain. I don't think they would have an issue with it as I don't believe it's a requirement. It's more of a tradition.
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  • I'd cross-post this on the cultural board at the left for Indian brides. You're likely to get a better answer. I think the stuff does wash out fairly easily if you use the right product, but I'm not an expert.
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