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bridesmaid drama

So I got engaged recently and have started planning my wedding. We want to get married next year and would like it to be on the anniversary of when we started dating. It happens to fall on a friday next year, so it works out perfectly. 
Heres where the drama comes in...
A really good friend of mine got engaged back in december and set her wedding to be in July. She asked me to be in her wedding party and of course I said yes. I was really excited for her when she got engaged and everything. Well when I got engaged, she was the first friend I told in person and the only response I got from her was "Oh thats nice, are you still planning a summer wedding" When I told her I was she was just like "Oh" and that was it. Really?? Thats all you can say to me? You arent excited for me at all? Now the date of my FI and mine anniversary falls about 3 weeks before her wedding which I don't think is that close together. 

About a week after I got engaged, she told me she had to talk to me and said that she thinks that our weddings would be too close together and that it would be stressful on all of us involved. She thinks it would be financially hard for our friends to be able to attend both weddings and get us gifts. At most we have probably about 20-25 mutual friends. I don't know what kind of gifts she is expecting from these friends but most of them are college age. I dont expect them to be buying the big expensice ones. Then she asked me if I could move my wedding to august. If I did that then the only difference would be that her wedding came first. After I told her I wasn't going to change the date because it was one that was important to us and not some random date that we picked out of the blue she was done talking to me. She hasnt talked to me in a little over 2 weeks. 

When i got engaged I had an idea of who I wanted to be in my wedding party, and she was one of them. Now Im not sure if I should even bother asking her if she is acting this way. It really hurt me that she wasn't even happy for me when she found out I was engaged. We have been really good friends for 5 or 6 years now. I don't want to our friendship to end over something as simple as the date, but its not like our weddings are even close, they are both next summer.
Is it wrong of me to what to have my wedding on our anniversary date with it being 3 weeks before hers? It isn't like I planned it for the week before or the same weekend, its 3 weeks away.

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