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Those bridesmaids you HAD to have

Does anyone else have bridesmaids they knew they HAD to have? I have two of those. I have four bridesmaids total.

There is my best friend since elementary school who lives far away but was so excited that I asked her to be maid of honor. She has been so supportive and excited about being part of my day, I am so glad I chose her.

I have my other friend who I have known since high school who lives very far away but is coming for various events (even when I tell her she doesn't have to) and is another very supportive and excited friend.

These two friends/bridesmaids make me so happy and they listen to me, they want to hear about details, and they want to be part of everything.

Then there are the bridesmaids that aren't as excited and part of things. Neither seem interested at all in hearing about the wedding or details.
All in all, I am just happy I have really two great bridesmaids and I feel I will just have to deal with the other two. I think once the day comes, it'll be different and they will be a little more positive and supportive. I can't help it that I am so excited and I love to plan and it would seem they don't...

Re: Those bridesmaids you HAD to have

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    To clarify-- there is travel involved for my wedding since it's on a cruise and so, those e-mails were FYIs for travel info since a lot of my friends are saving up and wanted/needed to know about pricing, etc. The wedding is more than just a day event, it's an entire week on a cruise, so I guess some of them are more excited to go on a vacation than others.
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    I kind of see where you're coming from. My FSIL (marrying FI's brother 3 months after our wedding) and my FI's cousin are on my side of the bridal party. We have nothing in common and we all hate eachother. I just made sure that I had 3 good friends in my wedding party so it evens things out. My MOH is the only one that I talk to about wedding stuff, as she's my best friend and she's most likely going to get married not too long after me.
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