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what to do?

My FH has a 6 year old son and I want him to have a special role in our wedding, not just a ring bearer. Any ideas?

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    Why can't he be RB?
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    He can, I'm not saying he can't. I'm just saying I want him to have a more special role.
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    What does your FI want his son to do?
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    [QUOTE]What does your FI want his son to do?
    Posted by mbcdefg[/QUOTE]
    Also, what does the son want to do?  If the kid's shy, he's probably not going to want even a cursory role in the wedding.
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    I'm with Aerin and malphabet
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's up to your fiance to decide what role he wants his kid to play in your wedding. Ditto PPs, he may not even want to have any role.
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    When my uncle got married, he had my cousin (his son) be the Best Man- and he was 7 or 8 at the time.

    I also agree with PPs that the best solution probably would be to ask the son what he'd like to do.
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    What's more special than RB?  I think that would be fine.
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