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I need help trying to find a place to take my bridal pix. I have a grecian dress, so I'm looking for a place with stone or water. Please no McNay, Missions, or Botanical Gardens. Thanks ladies!

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    I was having a difficult time finding a place to take my bridal portrait as well, and really, I have no suggestions for you :( But those places are really, really over-done, so I could see why you would want to stray away from that.
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    I searched forever and finally found a spot I really loved! But it's not what you described you're looking for.  It's the antique rose garden property...there are so many different areas to take pics...I think it's a real hidden gem for bridal pics. Here is a link to some of my pics there http://blog.ccportraitdesign.com/?p=238 and the last few pics are not at this location..went to a random southside grafitti wall for those. Good luck finding the perfect place! I totally understand what you're going thru...everyone tries to say the place doesn't matter that much cause it's really about you...but I disagree..the location can make a dramatic difference.
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    have you been to the new river walk expansion?  There is an area with a grotto-cave like area that is man made, but looks real.  I'm not too sure what street is close, but if you start from the Pearl Brewry and walk towards the SA Museum of Art you will run into it.  Maybe google sa riverwalk expansion grotto.  Hope that helps.
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