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Average Cost For a Bridesmaid Gift

I am getting married in April and am in the process of buying my bridesmaids gifts. I already bought them a pair of Dessy flipflips (It is a destination beach wedding) in the same color as the Bridemaid dress that were $25 each... I am wondering how much is typical to spend on top of that. There are 6 of them and I am trying to keep it somewhat reasonable but I want to get them something nice. I was thinking of getting this bracelet as well:

(My wedding colors are dark pink BM dresses, with pink and orange flowers)

Any advice or recommendations on what is normal cost would be appreciated... I dont want to come across as a cheapo or anything! lol.

Re: Average Cost For a Bridesmaid Gift

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    The cost doesn't matter as much as much as the actual items you're getting them. Although I will say that, for a destination wedding, I think you should dig a little deeper because your BMs are paying for travel and accommodations on top of the usual expenses (dress, alterations, maybe pro hair and makeup if they want it, etc.).

    Don't theme the gifts around your wedding. Flip-flops and bracelets to match their dresses aren't really things for *them* - they're things that match your wedding colors and theme. If they can't use the item again after your wedding, then IMO it's a bad gift. Because it's not really a gift so much as part of their "uniform" for the day.

    Just think about things you know that they will like and use. I would personally rather have a $10 gift that I love and can get lots of use out of, rather than a monogrammed tote bag that I'll never use and $50 worth of "typical bridesmaid gifts." Some brides like to pay for bridesmaids' hair, makeup, dresses, hotel rooms, or a portion of those things. That's your call ... some people feel it's not a gift since it's for the wedding, but others feel it's a good gift because it relieves the BMs of some of the financial burden of being in a wedding. But remember if you're requiring something (like if you tell them that they HAVE to get pro hair styles), then you need to pay for it and it doesn't count as a present.

    Also, why are the flip-flops $25? Are they really high-quality? You can get flip-flops at Old Navy for about $5. And many girls already own flip-flops, so you could just return those if you wanted and use the $25 each for a more personal gift for them. Your call, but that's what I would do, personally.
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    They are from the designer of the BM dress and they are dyed to match the dress...

    And I am paying $80 a girl for their hair as well... We just don't trust the resort to do out makeup. lol.

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    I think I would personally skip the bracelet and spend the $50 per girl on something personal and individual for each of them. Remember that the gifts do not need to be identical.

    Or if you really want to get them a bracelet, and you know for a fact that they could use a bracelet for future events, I would get a plain diamond-looking bracelet, not pink. Getting pink bracelets would really limit the outfits they can wear them with in the future. Plus, not every girl might like pink.
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    ditto PP.  I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and the gift I received was similar to the bracelet you posted.  I wore it for the wedding and then "accidently" forgot it in the hotel room.  Get your BMs gifts you would likely choose for their birthday or Christmas.  Skip the flip flops and costume jewelry.
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    I am spending about $ 25-30 per Bridesmaid. I got them each a ivory pashmina/bracelet being made with faux pearls and their favorite color crystal in them as well.
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    I spent abotu $75 on each BM but there isn't really a set number.  You should spend whatever you feel comfortable spending.

    With that being said, things relating to your wedding usually isn't the way to go.  The nicest gifts I've been given from brides is a gift that is personal to me.  It shows me they put some thought into it and actually understand who I am.  When I get a cookie-cutter gift or jewelry or something to wear for the wedding (even if the bride is *requiring* it be worn) I feel more like an afterthought.
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    I spent about $60 per bridesmaid, and I brought their dresses.  I got each of them a 3 piece genuine pearl set on Overstock.  I would like them to wear it at the wedding, but I will not be upset if they do not. 


    1) It is something that would look awesome with the dresses, but mainly

    2) It is something they will have for the rest of their lives.  My wedding party is all in their early twenties, and has not acquired this “staple” jewellery.  It will be nice to have them remember the day and our friendship every time they put them on.


    I picked this gift idea because it was something that my mother was given when she was a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding. It was something she remembered and valued even though her pearl  set was lost years ago.




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    Definitely shop like it's for THEIR birthday and not for your event.

    Remember, things that they'll use at the wedding are really more gifts for you and not them.  That isn't to say that jewelry is bad but when you pay for hair or flip flops, they really are more to help you than to help them.
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    I think the average is about $50-75, but it really depends on your budget and the situation, not on what other people spend.

    The most important thing is that you choose something for each of them that lets them know you took the time and energy to shop for them personally, rather than selected some generic matching BM gifts.  The flip flops and the bracelets are ok, but I'll bet you could come up with something a little more personal for each of your closest friends. 
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