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No Bridal Party

Hi all,

We just got engaged and are being asked about the bridal party. 

I have three sisters, he has three sisters, and I have several close female friends (and I've been in weddings for three friends).  He has a few close friends on his side and two brothers.

We want a simple, but elegant wedding.  Any thoughts on not having a bridal party at all? 

Re: No Bridal Party

  • We're not having a wedding party. We attended a Walt Disney World wedding last May and it was just the two of them and a flower girl (groom's younger sister). With both my sisters, I knew I would have to pay for the dress, shoes, hair, etc since they are going to be just graduated from college and without the funds needed. Rather than stress friends or family out with what they must wear or break our budget (we're paying for everything on our own), we're just going to ask one of our siblings to sign the certificate. That doesn't require them to pay anything - just need them there! Glad to hear other people are thinking about doing this. It's about you & yours, there is no need to worry about bridesmaids or groomsmen unless that's what you want!
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