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It was a beautiful day.  The only time the crowd got angry was when Stephen Colbert cut off Cat Stevens/Yusuf.  Ozzy's appearance letting us know it was part of a gag made it better :)

Some people wound up climbing trees just to see what was going on.  We got there about 11:00 and were in the middle off to the side. On the train home, we met a couple of comedy central execs who said there were twice as many people as they were expecting the night before and when they planned this, they were planning on 25,000.

The trains along the NE corridor had been sold out for weeks and all of the busses had been chartered.  One guy in a tree was calling out questions to find out where everyone was from:  some people came from as far away as Hawaii, Alaska and Vancouver.

After the rally we learned the downside of 215,000 people who clearly have been to DC before:  Nobody was looking to McDonalds for food.  We all wanted Old Ebbitt's Grill or a restaurant in Dupont Circle.  The metro platforms were about seven deep to go there.  We finally went back to Union Station (because I needed a bathroom more than I wanted food) and ate at a pretty good restaurant there,

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    Looks awesome!  I've been reading other coverage of the rally, too, it looked like a great time.
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    tricia: we were in DC this weekend with our DD, but we avoided the mall area and actually went out to Bethesda instead, just because we knew it would nuts to get anywhere by metro or get near the mall.

    The hotel we always stay at (walking distance from DD's apt.) was sold out for the weekend.  We could get a room for Thursday night, so we did, and then sponged on DD for Saturday did her roomie's parents and sister.  =)

    I had tried making reservations about 3 weeks ago, and could only get the Thursday.  The hotel rooms (in the city) that were available were jumping up to $300-400 a night, hence our decision to stay with DD.

    When we were driving back to NJ on Saturday night, it was clear that the rally goers were heading home.  Traffic between DC and Baltimore was just awful.  it eased up a bit past Baltimore, and then once through Delaware was fine.

    So we were close to you~but about 6 metro stops away from the mall.  =)  Glad you had fun!
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    So jealous.
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