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Help with bridesmaid dresses

I'm thinking of getting a couple color swatches in shades of gray and sending it to my three bridesmaids and telling them to pick out a dress that's knee length or tea length. (And yes, I know it's a little early to have bridesmaids already asked, but my wedding was moved from May 2010 to January 2011 so I have already asked and will not be someone writing here in the future with regrets as I asked people I wanted standing up next to me and that's it, my sisters and dearest friend) Since my wedding is in January, and the weather will probably be cooler, what type of fabric might work best? I'm thinking of giving them two different options. And when should I send them the cards with the swatches? Thanks so much for your advice!

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    bablingbrooke-no, they will not be outside except for some photos (unless it's freezing and they can wear jackets or whatever they want to keep them warm)! i just meant as far as what will be the easiest for them to find since different fabrics are more popular in different seasons. and yeah, i'm one of the "outliers" too...but know there's a lot of girls on here that do ask early and then have problems, much to my shock! my three ladies are great and all i care is that they have a blast the day of and feel comfortable!

    thanks for the advice ladies!
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    I'd go with a slightly heavier fabric.  If you're in Austin, the weather probably won't be too cold right?

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    yeah. it all depends. on the year countdown it was sunny and 75 with a low of 62!! absolutely gorgeous. let's hope it repeats that next year! but then a week later it was a high of 50 and overcast. that's the one thing about austin, you can never be certain what the weather will be like!
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    That's true, it can be 30 one day and 70 the next. Hildee, my sisters are wearing chiffon in November if that helps any. I don't know if its right for the season, but I think it will look ok.
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    SarahPLiz, i think chiffon will be great in november in austin!  when we were trying to decide on the time of year we were like, well, really who knows what the weather will be like anytime except summer when it's HOT. oh well!
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    You could also give them pashminas if they don't have jackets....just an idea.

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