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Please please please help and advice needed!!!


Re: Please please please help and advice needed!!!

  • Complaining that this girl "pouted" her way into being coMOH doesn't make her look bad, it makes you look dumb.
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    [QUOTE]I find that everyone is being very rude!--I find being a MOH or coMOH a honor! I would also be upset if my MOH was acting in this fashion.  She is suppose to be a friend and be excited for you! not using your wedding as just a way to party (Bachelorette party) I understand that the destination wedding will be expensive for friends and family to travel to. as the Bride stated, she did not need or was not asking for an expensive gift. It was the thought of the coMOH could have even got her a $2 card to so the thought.  The facebook comments about all the other friends but not the bride is hurtful!  even if its not about the wedding but it seems to me if she never mentions you then it is although she may be embarrassed or not have the feel of honor being a MOH.  If she cared enough to pout over being your coMOH, then she should show it!  If she has time to go partying with friends, she should have time to help you with planning etc because as your friend it should be an exciting time for her as well! My advice to you is to talk to her about it. However I would try not to blow up on her and just see her reasoning.
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    ONLY good relpy to this post... maybe 1 other. You need to do what you feel if right.. my feelings would be hurt especially since she begged to be MOH. Dont listen to everyone else being rude.. They are just bored and rude. (one of them has been married for a very long time and still posting daily on the know.. hourly actually. follow your heart and do whats right for you.
  • side note... they are spending a GREAT deal of money to be there... think about that.
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