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Do you spend the same amount of money on the bridesmaids & the MOH?

I am looking for gifts for my girls. Do I spend a bit more on my MOH or do I spend the same amount on all of the girls?

Re: Do you spend the same amount of money on the bridesmaids & the MOH?

  • I spent about the same on all of my girls (three including the MOH), about $75-80 each.  I bought them each a canvas bag, had it monogrammed in their favorite color and filled it with their favorite stuff, I shopped for them like it was their birthday.  I found this MUCH easier than trying to come up with one or two items that they would all like.
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  • I bought things that I knew they would like.  I didn't really pay attention to cost comparisons.  I actually may have spent more on one of my readers than anyone else, now that I think about it.  Each gift was something they all liked though, so it didn't really matter how much I had spent. 
  • I'm spending the same.
  • I'm spending around the same for each girl.
  • I got each of my attendants the same gift (though spent slightly different amounts, because I got them from several sellers on eBay).  I did go with what I deemed a slightly fancier design for MOH's copy.
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  • I'll be spending the same
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  • In terms of bridesmaids gifts  I am spending the same on each of them.   I have however done some things for my Matron of Honor leading up to the wedding (girls lunches, mani/pedis, small gifts) as special thank you's.  She really has gone above and beyond.  
  • do what you think is best.  it's not about the amount of money.  it's more about how sentimental and thoughtful the gift is.  Have you thought about personalizing items?Tons of cute unique gift ideas! check out it is such a cute shop with tons of handstamped jewelry, bottle openers, military related jewelry, keychains, cufflinks, etc... Makes great wedding gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I really like the key chain with a friendship quote or silly inside joke for each BM.  I also like the necklaces for them to wear on my day.
  • I haven't bought their gifts yet but I plan on spending the same!
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