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Lots of Bridesmaids!!

Help! I have 14 bridesmaids (I know) and I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to position them during the ceremony. We are having an outdoor wedding and although we have plenty of space, I'm afraid that having 14 people next to me and 12 next to my fiance will look ridiculous, not to mention the fact that the trees may end up hiding a few of them. I had considered having all of them sit on the front row except for the maid of honor and best man but that idea didn't go over well with the families. Any ideas??? I'm open to anything! Thanks!

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    Reconsider the front row idea; I really think it's your best bet and it's not exactly a radical idea. That's what WPs do in Catholic nuptial masses.  You're right, a row of 28 ppl including you and FI will be insane.
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    or you could have 2 rows of each side, kind of staggered like a group picture, so they can all see and be seen, but aren't shoulder to shoulder in one line.
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    Have you considered having rows of people 5,5,4 or 7,7.. both staggered so they can stand with you?

    Or if they can't be in the front row, what about in the second?
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    I'd put all but MOH/BM in the front row during the ceremony, and then do doubles for the photos  28 people wide is just too many to stand up front. 

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    Point out to your families that you won't be able to see everyones faces even if they all do stand up there.  As brooke pointed out, Catholic weddings usually have only the MOH and BM at the alter, and even then they're sometimes seated.

    Unless half are really tall and the other half really short, I feel like everyone in the second row would be hidden from view.  Unlike a group photo with multiple rows, the photographer can't really tell people to move around if they're hidden.  If your parents' worry is that they won't be seated in the front row if the bridal party sits, have them in the second and third rows.
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    In every wedding I've attended in the Catholic Church, the BMs sit IN FRONT of the family members.  I think that's the best solution.
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    At my sister's (Catholic) wedding, we all processed in and stood up front through the first little bit, then sat in the front row for the bulk of the ceremony, then stood back up for the ring exchange, pronouncement, and recessional.  Unless you want them seated the entire time, I don't think that having them in the second or third row is a good option; in the front row, they can all walk forward at once, but behind that, they have to file out through one end of the row and it won't really work.
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    i was in a wedding once that had 10 BM, 10 GM, 1 RB, 1 FG, and 2 JR BM's. that was a total of 26 people wide including the Bride and Groom, and it really didn't look weird at all. we all stood up w/ the B & G, and honestly I don't think anyone thought twice. it was a really fun wedding too! my only concern w/ the bridal party sitting in the front row is this- i know my parents would not have been happy about sitting in the 2nd row when they were paying for everything. just something to think about. =) good luck! 
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    At my son and DIL's wedding which was in a Catholic church, the BMs and GMs sat in the front row.  I was NOT at all insulted by sitting in the second row as MOG.  That's just silly.
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