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Is it weird that a BM would want to throw you a bachlorette party in a city that is not remotely close to where you or the rest of your bridal party lives (or close to where she lives)....? And when you say, oh that's nice but I don't think any of the other girls would be able to come, she says...that's okay it can just be me and you.....??

Am I being ungrateful? She has brought it up twice, even after I said I don't think anyone would be able to come.

(it's not vegas or atlantic city or anywhere like that...)

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    I'd try to gently convince her to work with the other BMs to organize something more convenient for everyone. I have the same situation - I have 5 BMs in 4 different states! We'll be picking a remote location, but it will be agreed upon by all.

    Maybe offer a weekend with just the two of you before the party if that's the undertone of what she seems to want.
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