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Bridal Party- All MOH on my side? WDYT?

I cant choose between my two sisters and my two cousins. I love them all the same. I was the MOH in my oldest sisters wedding. But I just dont have the heart to choose.

Has anyone had all the BM be MOH's?

Re: Bridal Party- All MOH on my side? WDYT?

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    I agree.  When everyone in the class makes the honor roll, where exactly IS the honor?  Likewise, when every woman in the WP is called Maid of Honor-where exactly IS the honor?

    Being in a WP is an honor.  And after all, Maid of Honor is just a made up title.  So don't have any. 

    No one is going to sit at your wedding and think, "Gee Peyton must be so sad that she doesn't have a good enough friend to call her a Maid of Honor".  It's just not that important to your guests, at all.  At.  All.
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    I'm just having 3 BMs.
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    I think if there are more than two MOH, there's not much honor left in the title.  All BMs is fine.
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    I think you could have 2 MOHs, like your 2 sisters- but 4 is too many.  If you really cant decide, see PPs.
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    I've heard of people having a maid of honor and a matron of honor.  I think 4 MOH would be too much
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    4 MOH?  Yeah...that's a bit much.  I agree with PPs.  There's no honor left in it.  Though, even if you do decide to call them all MOH or all BM - - you still have to decide the order that they stand next to you/walk down the aisle.  And in that, you're still going to be deciding who is closest to you when you say your vows.

    Here's my question: when you and your FI are saying your vows, are all of your BMs/MOHs going to walk up with you and just the Best Man with your FI?  I think that, no matter what, one of your BMs is still going to be doing the MOH work at the ceremony.
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