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Gift for family helpers?

My bridesmaid is doing my make-up on my wedding day (she is really good) which will also entail a couple of trial runs to determine which "look" I like best, and a family friend is putting together a video collage of FI and I for our rehearsal dinner.  Should I pay either of them for their time, or a nice gift other than monetary is fine?  I do plan already to give the traditional bridesmaid gift to my bridal party, so does this gift "cover" the gift to the bridesmaid doing my make-up?

Thank you.

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    I would give that bridesmaid an additional gift, and I would also give the family friend doing the vido a gift.  I'm not big on money gifts to family/family friends providing services.  If anything, maybe a giftcard, but otherwise I would get them a real, regular gift that reflects their interests or shows your appreciation.

    I had family help decorate and set up the hall and sent them a really nice box of chocolates and they loved that, if it's any help!
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    Yeah, I would just get them each something extra. My MOH did my makeup as well and I spent more on her than I did my other BM's to show her how much I appreciated it.

    H Aunt videotaped our wedding and reception, which was a surprise be we didn't hire a videographer. It turned out to be a nice surprise. We just sent them a really thoughtful TY note, but looking back, a small GC or box of chocolates probably would have been in order as well, but our wedding is over with now.
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    A gift card, chocolates, or a preferred drink (wine, liquor, whatever) would probably be a nice touch.  Not required, of course, but much appreciated.
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    I would do a gift over cash as well.  I like the idea of a gift card or a bottle of wine.
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    Our videographer is a good friend of mine, I got her and her husband (the second shooter) small gifts for their help: a set of special dice for her and a T-shirt for him.  This was in addition to the reduced rate I paid them for their services.  So I think the BM should get a little something extra for her help with the makeup in addition to her usual BM gift.
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    Great feedback, thank you ladies!
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