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XP: I dont know what to do...

I'll try to make this short and sweet.

I got engaged a few months ago, and started brainstorming ideas with one of my other friends, who is almost finished planning her wedding. She knows she is going to be a bridesmaid (although I havent officially asked her. Im waiting till around Christmas because we are planning our wedding for late next summer or early fall, and dont want to ask too early).
Anyway, this friend has been a bridesmaid-zilla.
Every idea I have told her about, she has said what horrible ideas they are, or "why would you want to do that? Thats not what Im doing for MY wedding". Some of her comments have even been hurtful.
She has told me what dress I need for my bridesmaids to wear, and in what color! She went as far as to tell me that I needed to change my colors, because the dress SHE picked out, she liked better in blue! I told her that Im not worried about the bridesmaid dresses right now, because I dont even have my wedding party picked out yet!
She is getting married next summer (a few months before what Im planning) and went as far to say that I couldnt go on my yearly summer trip because it would fall about a week and a half before her wedding! Im almost to the point that I want to take myself out of her wedding, and not even ask her to be in mine.

I have no idea what to do in this situation. I have stopped talking to her about anything wedding related (mine or hers) and when I try to talk to her about anything else, she changes the subject to wedding topics. ( which I am not comfortable talking to her about anymore.)

Any ideas or advice on how to handle this?
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