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Controlling BrideMaid

Hi Girls I need some advice My Moh and I have been looking for bridemaid dresses yesturday I found one I really liked so out of cortesy I sent it to my sister in law(my brothers wife) she what she thought she hated it  she wants a older women kind of dress with huge straps thats not my style ( i really want all girls wear same dress except my Moh will have a diffrent one all same color)  My sister in law  is really controlling about everything flowers dj ect my mom insists her comming along for everything she helps and knows what she is doing  and it seems ike she wants to redo her wedding  even the other girls are getting aggravted with her  the worst part is my mom listins to every word she says Im not trying to be mean but this is my wedding and I want pick a dress that I want  Im so stressed about this have no idea what to do Please Help Thanks In Adance
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