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Floral and Photographer Help

I have been hunting on this site for a couple hours now (FI at work so I'm working on wedding planning), and I have a similar question that I have seen in a lot of posts, so sorry if it sounds really familiar.

I am looking for both a florist and a photographer... for a VERY reasonable price (ie. tight budget).

A lot of you recommended Caitlin's Creations and Eden's Echo. I love the two websites I found for these guys, but they're all booked up for my wedding date, so I'm trying to find someone else who would be around the same price range with great service. Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time!

Re: Floral and Photographer Help

  • rumbler92rumbler92 member
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    We're using Chanda Carter of Chanda's Photography 
    Chanda is very sweet and very reasonably priced. 

    Good luck finding someone :)
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    Aww!! I used Caitlin and Erin :( sorry they are booked on your date...here are the other photographers I considered in that same price range http://www.jasonsperos.com/ (I think he is really awesome as well! it was a tough decision) and http://www.dulcesphotos.com/ . Another option is Ihttp://jlandryphoto.com/ ...we used him for our engagement photos before finding out about Caitlin (he was just starting up his business). We picked Caitlin cause she had more experience, but he really is a good photographer as well and really good at capturing moments...and his prices may be even more reasonable. I don't know about other florists though. Hope this helps.
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    I'm not too sure about the pricing for Eden's Echo or Caitlin's Creations but we are using Josie Aboytes from http://www.sanantoniofloraldesigns.com/
    Found her @ a bridal show and she's giving us an awesome deal - $2000 for 30 centerpieces, 2 altar arrangements, my bouquet plus my 7 bridesmaids, 2 mother's flowers, 1 fathers, groom's & 7 groomsmen's boutaniers. She's giving us tulips, hydrangeas, roses, some cala lilies and dendoeduims.

    For photography we're using philip thomas. FI and I both hate having our pics taken and had so much fun doing the engagement shots w/ philip. I can't remember the pricing but he's shooting thurs & fri all day for us and sat all day plus bringing an assistant for an amazing deal not to mention i love his work. http://www.philipphotography.com

    Good Luck!

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    We used West Vita out of Boerne for photography and he was less expensive than most everyone else we looked at--though without knowing your budget, I can't say for sure if he's within it.  I can say he's very nice and he and his second shooter were amazing, they worked really hard and were constantly moving around but weren't obtrusive.  Several guests complimented them to us, they noticed how hard they worked.

    We did our own flowers, ordering most from Janal Wholesale on St Marys and supplementing them with flowers from HEB Plus.  I don't know if I would do this again, because it was a little stressful and you could tell we did them ourselves, BUT we only spent about $250 on flowers and they were beautiful.
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    We are using Philip Thomas too, and I thought he was reasonably priced.  He is doing our rehearsal dinner and all day on Saturday with an assistant.  He was real easy to work with, when I wanted to change out a Bridal session for our rehearsal dinner instead.  Good luck!! 
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    I'm using Diana Shelley for photography (995 for unlimited use on your wedding day, and this includes a bridal shot before). 

    For flowers, I went with Central Market.  Reasonably priced and very helpful when it came to helping me select flowers.
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    Thank you for all the insight! Keep it coming! :D! I'll definitely check out the people you listed, at least to go and meet with them to see how we can work together! You guys are so helpful! :D
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    I was pretty fortunate in the photographer department (blessed with being surrounded by incredibly talented friends & family), but I did do a little research on photographers. First, I'd check out Craig's List, there are lots of talented folks working on their portfolio's who will ask for very little just to get their feet wet. You might want to give 'em a call and ask to see some of their work. And of all the photography studio's in S.A. that I've seen samples from, Dos Kiwis Photography Studio's has some of my favorite photographs (a clean, artistic vision). They have some inexpensive packages from what I see, too. I have no advise on flowers because I'm making/growing my own... Good Luck! Let us know who you end up selecting!
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    Ahhh! I'm so excited! I emailed both of them anyway. just in case there was an error with the calendar page (I have high hopes haha), and Erin told me that she would be able to do mine as she only had a small wedding on the same day. I'm going to meet with her when I'm in town in 2 weeks and I'm super excited! :).

    Also, thanks for the suggestions. I sent emails and made some phone calls to some of the others and a couple were booked, but I'm working on making more appointments for when I'm in town.

    You guys are saviors for people like me, coming from out of town trying to plan a wedding in San Antonio! :D!
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    I"m using Skeem Photography, and floral is Fressia Designs, the pricing I thought was reasonable.
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    I can't help with florists since I'm in Dallas, but Kat with Mustard Seed Photography has really fantastic work and is priced very reasonably.   www.mustardseedphoto.com

    Hope that helps, and good luck with your planning!

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    i'm actually using both caitlin and erin for my wedding.  i was considering oak leaf florist for flowers - they are in the same price range but i went with erin because she's awesome :)  good luck with the planning - hope everything works out so that you can use erin - like i said, she's awesome :)
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    Photography by Sandra Hernandez is amazing. She is actually my future mother-in-law. She is a very talented and reasonably priced photographer. If you are still looking for someone I would be happy to share her website with you. She has a variety of Engagement, Bridal, and wedding pictures to look at.  Her brother is also a photographer. He is actually doing the photography at our wedding so my future hubby's mom doesn't have to be on the clock, lol!

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    We are using a photographer named Mark Muniz at MunLight Photography. We told him our budget and he was able to work out something very reasonable for us. We love his work and we are very happy that he will be shooting our wedding. Plus, he has an awesome personality so I think he will be great to work with.

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