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As a groom, my fiancé and I are looking for suggestions... Our bridal party 3 apiece, I've got two groomsmen plus her brother, she's got two bridesmaids plus one of my best friends from college... She doesn't know my friend very well, and we're curious of the general opinion of placing her brother on her side of the altar, and then my friend on my side of the altar....

We're thinking this way because we're not sure our families will recognize my friend on her side of the altar and may believe that she's been a choice of my fiancé. 

Personally, I'm of the opinion that it really doesn't matter, may as well place dresses on one side, tuxes on the other, then plant a seed in the crowd to get the story around, not to mention that the rehearsal dinner would introduce my friend our parents and close friends anyhow....

thoughts? suggestions? 

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    I really think your guests will not expect to know everyone in the WP. who cares if they think she is your FI's friend rather than yours.

    It is perfectly acceptable to have mixed-sex sides. No one needs an explanation. They should be focused on you and your fiancee' (female), not the wedding party.
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    Most of your guests won't know who the WP is anyway or who is related to whom and they'll mostly be focusing on the two people getting married in the middle.  

    I think either way you've suggested is fine.  I mean she just has to stand there for a half hour or so, right?  So even if she doesn't know the other girls that well it shouldn't be the end of the world.  And it's not like her placement during the ceremony affects where she sits at the reception, RD, etc.  But if she really is uncomfortable with standing on your finacee's side, I think switching them is a great idea. 
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    Have who you want on your side and she has who she wants on her side. She can have her brother on her side and yo can have your college gal pal on your side. Alot of people have mixed gender sides. Its great
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    IMHO, your side should be your people and her side should be her people.  Mixed gender wedding parties are pretty common, and several of my girlfriends have been a groomswoman at some point or another.  If you want the guests to know who they are, put a description in the program.  "Joe Smith... Bridesman... Brother of Bride"
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    I would worry more about what her brother and your friend are comfortable with, than what your guests will think.

    Guests don't care. They're there to see you guys get married, then have some fun afterward. If they don't already know that Susie is your college friend, then they're really not going to want an explanation as to who she is.
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