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who plans and pays

who plans and pays for my shower and bachelorette party?

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    Anyone who feels like it. Relatives, bridesmaids, friends, nobody. It's entirely up to whoever volunteers.

    You need to stay out of it entirely, since they are parties in your honor, and you also need to stay out of it since they are gifts to you and not the bride's "right" to have them. Gracioiusly accept whatever you may or may not receive.

    If the issue is that your friends/family are fighting with each other over payment and they want you to make a ruling, tell them it's rude for the bride to get involved and therefore you are staying out of it. Then change the subject.
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    Ditto pp.

    It is rude of you to host a gift giving event for yourself.
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    I wasnt going to plan it myself, i just dont want it put on one person i would feel guilty if it was the responsiblity of just the MOH or just my mom...

    thank you tho
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    Its not anyones responsibility it is a gift that someone if they choose to gives you
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    Sometimes people surprise the Bride with one but most of the time (or at least IMO) the Bride is informed so she can let the host know of possible dates.

    I will be having 4 showers because multiple people offered and that way they can be all smaller (and more affordable for each host) - One for my Dad's side, one for my Mom's side and FI's side, one for my Mom's friends that have known me since birth, and one for my friends

    My sister/MOH will be "hosting" my bachelorette party but I think the BMs will be contributing financially -- and as a BM for my cousins wedding, I'll be contributing to her bach party
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    Usually the shower is done by your mom, MOH, or future MIL. sometimes one does it, sometimes all three etc. the Bach party is usually planned by your MOH and paid for by everyone splitting your cost. But this can vary with regards to specific girls' budgets...
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