Wedding Party

I need girls.

HE insists upon having 5 groomsmen, no they can't just be ushers, must be groomsmen. ugh. I have 1 friend. No sisters. He has a sister, but she's large (I know, I'm super shallow when it comes to how they look standing with me) and there is a TON of drama in the family, the SIL doesn't speak to the MIL, and MIL is helping pay, so I don't want to upset her and I mostly just don't want the drama, so I don't want to use her. I thought about asking one of his groomsmen's wife to be a bridesmaid, but that still gives me only 2. And then I thought about using his cousins, but that would be kind of a slap in the face to his sister. So then I though (a lot of thinking, I know, sorry) about telling her I didn't want any married bridesmaids (that way it would be a good reason for the sister not to be one) but that would knock out the groomsmans wife and either way I won't have enough. I'm still in college, my husband let me quit my job to go full time, so I have no work friends, and I don't really socialize at school. Where do I find 4 bridesmaids? I'm really nutty about them matching, so I can't have 1 while he has 5, everything in my life MUST be even, sound settings, a/c temp, everything. The only way I can get past the 5 groomsmen is to think of it as 10 attendants. But I just don't know where to find more girls. Frown I don't know what to do.

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