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10 Bridesmaids

We're having our groomsmen and bridesmaids walk down seperate. I have 10 bridesmaids! Should i have them walk in pairs to save time on the walk down the aisle??? Also should I still have the maid of honor walk by herself though? Help!

Re: 10 Bridesmaids

  • I would seriously think about changing that. First having to watch 10 guys walk down & then 10 girls, by time you make your entrance it would be like "Finally" Consider having the guys & girls both pair up to make the procession go a little faster. With exception of maybe best man and maid of honor

  • I often see the groom and groomsmen walk in together (in a line) from the side up to the alter; another option would be for them to walk similarly from the front.  They walk at a normal pace, not the normal bridesmaid stop-and-go.

    To really save time, you could have the girls do the same thing.
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  • If you're planning to have them walk slowly (i.e. normal wedding procession speed so that the photog can take pictures, etc) then pair them up.

    Now, if you're having them book it high speed down the aisle, I guess together or separate wouldn't matter! Laughing

  • I'd maybe have the guys preset up front (as PP said, just walk in from the side before the actual processional begins). I've seen it done a lot and it will save time. If that doesn't work, do pairs. I went to a wedding where there were 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen. All walked in alone, in addition to each grandmother being walked in alone (by the same person....so it was walk up, walk back, walk up, walk back...4 times). The processional itself took about 15 minutes and it was just way too long.
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  • I've seen it where the groomsmen walk in the side with the groom, but H really wanted them to walk in pairs, and we really liked it.
    Overall, the faster the processional the better.
  • I have 7 girls, he has 8 guys. He wants our daughter to walk to him down the aisle, so for us it will go 

    FI and daughter 
    Me and my parents. 
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  • My husband stood at the front with his best man. His parents walked down and then my mom escorted by my older brother. Then he had three GM who walked down the aisle with my three BM. They were followed by 2 jr BMs and the flower girls and ring bearer walking as a trio. Then my 2 sisters (Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor) walked down as a pair. Finally my dad escorted me in. I think pairs worked nicely if you don't want to have all the GM just come in from the side (In our church, there really wasn't room for everyone to stand at the front so that wasn't an option. Everyone just processed in and sat in reserved seating up front.) I think having everyone file in alone would take too much time, especially if you also have a flower girl, ring bearer, grandparents, and other honored guests walking up the aisle too! 
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