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So I was wondering what all I need to do as the Maid of Honor? I am a little nervous about what all i need to do bc my wedding is only 2 months after the MOH wedding I am in! I want to make sure I get the things done as MOH and not let them slip away with planning my own weddiing! help 

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    All you really need to do is get the dress.  But if you want to, you may throw a shower for the bride and also host her bachelorette party.  And in general just be supportive to her and be a good friend.  If you want to assist her with DIY projects offer her your assistance.  If there is something she needs help with and you just can't assist, just say your unable to help.
  • The wedding industry wants brides to think that there are lists of duties a MOH must do, and you will often see these lists online.  Ignore them.  Your only duties as a MOH are to purchase a BM dress and show up sober and wearing it on the wedding day.  Typically, a MOH will hold a bride's bouquet during the ceremony and often sign the marriage license.  You may also choose to make a speech or toast at the reception.  That being said, there are many more things you can do as a MOH if you would like.  You could offer to throw a shower and/or bachelorette party for the bride.  You can also offer to help her with any wedding tasks, such as addressing invitations, that she needs help with.  Again, these things are completely optional, and you should only volunteer to do them if you have the time/money/desire.  If you are unable or unwilling to do them for any reason, don't feel bad.
  • its an honor be to asked to be the MOH, yes they say you don't have to do anything but buy a dress and show up at the wedding, though if she's a good friend of yours you'll wanna do more. help throw a shower with her mom, host the bachelorette party and offer to be there for support. I went above and beyond when i was MOH or even just a BM, but that is just me, I enjoy planning and doing things with my friends and all my brides appreicated it as well. good luck.

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