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Wedding weight loss

Anyone trying to lose weight before the wedding? I am hoping to lose ten pounds and I go to Planet Fitness.

Re: Wedding weight loss

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    I am also trying, although I still feel like I have a while (8 months) so I'm not that motivated :) I have about 10 pounds to lose also. Doesn't sound like a lot, but when you are 5' 3" it makes a big difference!

    I am training to run the Fiesta 10K in April so that helps. I go to Lifetime Fitness.
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    Same here. I got a personal trainer and so far I've seen great results. I just want to lose about 10 pounds too.
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    I am 5'1 so I know exactly what you mean!!! Hope we can do this ladies!!!  Stay motivated!!
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    I dont have a set loss as far as pounds, I'm bigger so I need alot more then 10lbs! But I'm deffinatly seeing what I can loose before the wedding. I started working out for an hours 3 times a week and have lost a jean size in about six weeks, hoping my weight loss sticks like that!!
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    I started taking Fucothin which I found online, and so far I have lost 2 lbs in 1 week.  I workout regularly and eat well, but plateaued with my weight loss, and I think this is the trick to getting over the hump.  You still have to eat good and work out, but it attacks your belly fat, which is exactly where I want to lose it.  

    Good luck!! 
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    Does that have any side affects that you have noticed personally? I tried hydroxycut and it broke me out in a rash so I am reluctant to try some of the other things out there. Thanks for the suggestion though!!
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    I did WeightWatchers last year and lost 25 lbs without feeling hungy. I highly recommend it! It takes time but slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. So start early!
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    My good friend is a personal trainer and she is awesome! She works with clients on a total nutrition standpoint - resistance and cardio training as well as diet plans. I highly recommend her - great personality and she gets results for her clients.

    Her name is Meagan and her company is Nu-U Fitness. I actually first started training with her 4 months prior to my wedding. She kicked my butt, but definitely thank her for it.
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